About Us

The Understand Men Arizona community is a group of volunteers whose lives have been profoundly impacted by the courses from PAX Programs.

We offer free co-ed classes and events in the Arizona area for anyone interested in improving their relationships with the opposite sex. We also have events just for PAX course graduates to connect and support each other in implementing these new skills in their lives.

We have an amazing Arizona community — generous, happy, appreciative, receptive, giving, contributing people who want to help others.

PAX Programs has been teaching courses to help people have more rewarding relationships with the opposite sex since 1995. PAX strives to create peace between the sexes by providing unique and immediately useful information and tools to women and men. They have opened the hearts and minds of over 20,000 women in the Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women (Now called the Queen’s Code Workshop) workshop.

And over 2,000 men have taken the phenomenal Understanding Women (The Queen’s Code Challenge) course. To learn more about what PAX has to offer, read, watch or listen to some of Alison Armstrong’s free material.

We hope to see you at an event! Or email the Understand Men Arizona volunteer team.

Understand Men Arizona¬†gladly accepts donations to help cover the group’s costs so we can continue to be a free resource for the community. Your donation covers the yearly Meetup.com fee, room rental for our free public events, supplies provided at free events, and scholarships if funds allow. Donations are also accepted at any of our MeetUps. Thank you for your support!