Some frequently asked questions …

What does it mean to be a graduate?
A graduate is a woman or man who has attended our live workshops.
A customer is a woman or man who has purchased either a workshop or product.
How do I get support for specific problems as a graduate?
We have personal, one-on-one coaching with Certified Program Leaders available to all customers whether you are a graduate of our weekend workshops. It’s called the Personal Attention Division.

For more details, go to: http://www.understandmen.com/coaching/
Does taking PAX courses transform my relationships to women too? 
Absolutely. We teach you about the instincts, behaviors and characteristics of both men and women. In understanding how men and women are designed, we can then give you concrete, practical tools that you can use immediately. You will have more options and choices in your relationships with men, women, children and yourself.
How is using the PAX tools not manipulating men?
* Is it manipulating a tv to use a remote control?
* Is it manipulating a computer to use a keyboard?
* Is it manipulating a Frenchman to speak to him in French?
* Is it manipulating a doctor to ask him to set a broken leg?

What we teach is how men and women are designed and how to bring out the best in them given how they function naturally. We teach you how to tap into the greatest aspects of being human. We don’t teach manipulation or tips and tricks because they don’t work. For the rare times, they do, it’s not sustainable. Inevitably, manipulation backfires and everyone is worse off.

Our intention is to create partnership, adoration and ecstasy, thus there is no room for manipulation. Manipulation creates animosity, distrust and pain.   What we teach is practical, efficient and effective. We teach what works.

How we know it works:
1)    We’ve learned from men and they’ve taught us what to do.
2)    We’ve tried it ourselves to see if it works for us.
3)    We have thousands of graduates and customers who have more understanding and better communication because they apply what they’ve learned from us. Besides understanding and communication, our customers have lives full of love, passion, partnership with men.
Will PAX courses make me more vulnerable?
Vulnerability means to be open, willing and receptive.
Vulnerability is feared because it also means exposed and susceptible for attack.

Here’s the thing: Vulnerability is required to have satisfying relationships. What we teach makes it safe to be vulnerable with men. Most of us have had bad experiences with men. You are not alone. Our courses teach you how to heal from those hurts and give you the option and tools to choose how you want to interact with men so that vulnerability because an asset – one that men find attractive and captivating.
How fast will I see a difference in my life?
Immediately. Are you willing to have rapid transformation? Are you ready to have the relationships that satisfy your heart?

Take us for a test drive. Start out with one of our products:

See if what we offer resonates with who you are and what you are up to in life. Apply what we teach you and be open to being amazed.
Do the PAX concepts work with all men?
Yes. All healthy men.

Here’s a sample of what we teach:
* How to view men so they can show up as a hero in your life
* When & what to say to men so they hear you & act upon the information you give
* How to listen to men so they share their thoughts AND their feelings
* How to motivate a man to give you what you need consistently, predictably and efficiently
What if I have an unhealthy man? How do I know if he’s healthy?
What we teach is the interplay between masculinity and femininity. Before you decide he’s an unhealthy man, let us teach you what a healthy man does and what you need as a woman in your relationships. Maybe he is healthy but just not a fit because he is not available, attentive or interested in partnering at this time.
Will this help me find a man/husband?
Yes, it can. Absolutely. We have thousands of customers who have used what we teach to meet the man of their dreams. But once you meet him, how do you maintain a relationship that lasts? Meeting is only the first step. What we teach is how create partnerships that bring out the best in you and him. Our customers have relationships that are beyond what they could hope for or imagine because they are committed to learning, growing and discovering what’s truly possible in relationships.
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